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Awnings increase your living or commercial space, protect people from sun exposure and lower energy costs. We researched the best awnings in Boise so you find a company offering well-built, fairly priced canopoies in a variety of materials, shapes, colors and sizes.

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    Idaho Gutter and Shade Solutions
    • Customized retractable awnings
    • Manual & motorized options
    • Services within a 50-mile radius of Boise
    • Installation, maintenance & repair
    11451 W. Colony St.
    Boise, ID 83709
    (208) 999-0729
    Pacific Home & Patio
    • In business for over 50 years
    • Free in-home estimate
    • Completely customizable design
    • Online coupons
    1891 N. Wildwood St.
    Boise, ID 83713
    (208) 376-0000
    Boise Awning
    • Boise showroom
    • Over 50 years of experience
    • Fixed & retractable awnings
    • Free in-home estimate
    1891 N. Wildwood St.
    Boise, ID 83713
    (208) 376-6060
    Idaho Home Exteriors
    • M-F: 8am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • idahohomeexteriors.com
    999 S. Federal Way
    Boise, ID 83705
    (208) 957-7114
    The Cover Shop
    • M-F: 8am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • coversyou.com
    205 E. 5th St.
    Meridian, ID 83642
    (208) 888-5779
    • M-F: 8am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • covertechofidaho.com
    379 N. Five Mile Rd.
    Boise, ID 83713
    (208) 685-0615
    Bickford Sign and Awning
    • M-F: 7am - 4pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • bickfordsignandawning.com
    112 W. 38th St.
    Boise, ID 83714
    (208) 672-1774

    How to choose an awning in Boise


    Homes and businesses in all areas of Boise, from the North End to the Boise Bench to Harris Ranch, can benefit from awnings.

    Awnings in Boise can be placed on decks and patios, windows and doors or any other part of a home or business. They add to living and business space; protect skin, furniture and flooring from damaging ultraviolet rays; help keep your property insulated and increase its value and curb appeal.

    When choosing an awning, consider:

    • Awning company reputation
    • Fixed vs. retractable awning
    • Awning material
    • Awning size, shape, color and pattern
    • Ease of installation/professional installation
    • Awning warranty/service
    • Awning cost

    Types of awnings

    Awnings in Boise are fixed or retractable, depending on whether they open or close. Retractable awnings operate either by motor or manually using a crank. The advantage of having a retractable awning is being able to extend or retract it anytime; a fixed, or stationary, awning doesn’t give you this option.

    Awnings are also available in different materials:

    • Metal awnings, including aluminum awnings, are durable and strong and are the common building material for stationary awnings.
    • Fabric awnings, made with acrylic, vinyl, canvas or cotton, are lightweight and highly customizable for color and pattern. Fabric awnings are UV-resistant but are not as strong as aluminum awnings and often require more maintenance.

    Awning installation in Boise

    You may be able to install an awning in Boise yourself. Some awning companies sell products with detailed self-installation instructions — even for motorized awnings — and a phone number to call in case you need assistance. Professional awning installation is offered by many awning companies but may cost extra.

    Before installing an awning in Boise, check with the City of Boise whether a building permit is required. If you get professional installation, find out if the installer is a registered contractor in the State of Idaho.

    Home Builder Company Reviews


    SunSetter is the largest manufacturer of deck and patio awnings in the U.S., with over 500,000 customers using its products. Awnings come with a five-year limited warranty and an optional all-weather warranty. Install an awning on your own in just two to three hours, or get professional installation from an authorized dealer. Customers in Boise like SunSetter’s options for fabric and operation and appreciate the company’s 90-day risk-free trial.

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