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Find the Best Hearing Aids in Boise, ID

For millions of Americans with hearing loss, hearing aids help make day-to-day communication easier and improve physical and emotional well-being. We researched the best hearing aids in Boise to help you find an effective device that’s affordable and comfortable.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Rechargeable hearing aids
  • 3 types of hearing aid styles
  • No in-person fitting necessary, comes with 2 sizes
  • Hidden hearing aids in ear canal

Surround Yourself with Sound

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  • Custom-fit, behind-the-ear & receiver-in-the-canal
  • 3-year warranty on all styles
  • Free cleaning, repairs & adjustments
  • Free annual hearing test
7974 W. Fairview Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
(208) 398-3560
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Zounds Hearing
  • 4 hearing aid models
  • Intuitive Noise Cancellation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Adjusts amplification all day
Serves residents in
Boise, ID
(480) 813-8400
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  • Behind-the-ear, reciever-in-ear & microphone-in-helix
  • Audio streamed directly to ears
  • Control hearing aids from Beltone apps
  • Battery lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged
Serves residents in
Boise, ID
(866) 521-7164
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ReSound Hearing Aids
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Hearing aids for children
  • Adapts to different environments
  • Automatically adjusts in noisy environments
  • Comfortable & discreet
Serves residents in
Boise, ID
(800) 248-4327
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Widex Hearing Aids
Overall satisfaction rating
  • In-the-ear & completely-in-the-canal hearing aids
  • Small & discreet
  • Optimal sound for different environments
  • Customized to fit ear canal
Serves residents in
Boise, ID
(844) 497-8844
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Benefits of hearing aids for kids, seniors and adults


Hearing aids help kids, seniors and adults in Boise with hearing loss due to aging, disease or injury. These devices use three main parts — a microphone, amplifier and speaker — to make sounds louder so users can hear, communicate and participate in activities.

Along with improving hearing, hearing aid users may experience these benefits:

  • Improved physical health
  • Improved mental health
  • More sociability
  • Less bothersome tinnitus symptoms

Over 28 million Americans could benefit from hearing aids, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders; overall, only 1 of every 5 people who could benefit from hearing aids uses one.

What types of hearing aids are available in Boise?

Hearing aid styles Description Pros Cons Cost
Behind the ear (BTE) Rests behind the ear; tube connects the hearing aid to an earmold that fits in ear canal Helps with mild to profound hearing loss Least discreet $1,500 - $2,700
Open fit Like BTE, rests behind ear; a smaller tube goes in ear cana Less noticeable than BTE; ear canal remains open Only works for mild to moderate hearing loss $1,600 - $2,800
Receiver in the ear (RITE) Like BTE but speaker is in the ear canal; parts connected by tiny wire Less visible part behind the ear Earwax and moisture can get in way of speaker $1,700 - $3,000
In the ear (ITE) Custom-fit in outer ear Smaller hearing aid helping with mild to severe hearing loss Most visible of the smaller devices $1,600 - $2,800
In the canal (ITC) Custom-fit in part of ear canal Discreet; small but available with features like directional microphones Prone to feedback; can be difficult to manipulate $1,700 - $2,900
Completely in the canal (CIC) Custom-fit entirely in ear canal Least visible; more natural sound Frequent battery changes; not appropriate for severe hearing loss; fewer features $1,700 - $3,000

How to choose a hearing aid in Boise

Choosing the right hearing aid in Boise is a personal decision. First, determine which hearing aids are compatible with your level of hearing loss. Then consider fit, look and features. Some of the more advanced hearing aids include features like:

  • Directional microphones
  • Multiple channels
  • Noise reduction
  • Feedback suppression
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Telecoil
  • Data logging
  • Remote control

Other factors that matter when choosing a hearing aid in Boise include total cost, a trial period and coverage for adjustments and service over the life span of the hearing aid.

Getting a hearing aid test and fitting

If you are having problems hearing, schedule a hearing aid test and fitting with an audiologist or hearing care professional. Simple and painless testing will determine the extent of your hearing loss. The audiologist or hearing care professional will discuss different types of hearing aids and provide a recommendation based on your test results and preferences.

Once you have your hearing aids, the audiologist or hearing care professional will program the hearing aids based on your individual profile. You will learn how to put in and take out the hearing aid, use different features, clean the device and change the battery.

How much do hearing aids cost in Boise?

Most hearing aids in Boise cost between $1,000 and $4,000. The cost of your hearing aid depends on the severity of your hearing loss, the style of hearing aid and features. The cost of a hearing aid generally includes your test and fitting, checkups, routine cleanings and adjustments. Hearing aids also come with a warranty, usually lasting one to three years, that covers damage, repairs and loss.

Private insurance usually doesn’t cover hearing aids. Some states have laws requiring health benefits plans to cover hearing aids for adults, children or both. Idaho doesn’t have such a law. Check with your insurance provider to find out if hearing aids are covered.

Many hearing aid companies offer payment plans or financing options to make hearing aids more affordable. There are also financial assistance programs. The Hearing Loss Association of America has a list of resources. You can also contact the NIDCD Information Clearinghouse.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids. Certain Medicare Advantage plans may have hearing benefits.

Hearing Aids Reviews


Eargo hearing aids, designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, are comfortable, rechargeable and come with a one-year warranty. There’s no need to see an audiologist before you contact Eargo. Its team of professionals will evaluate your hearing and determine which of the three Eargo products is the right fit. Customers in Boise say Eargo hearing aids are basically invisible and provide natural, rich sound.

Eargo Learn More


Miracle-Ear hearing aids come with an industry-leading three-year warranty and lifetime annual hearing tests, adjustments, cleanings and repairs. Devices are available in a variety of styles and with the latest technology. Customers say professionals at Miracle-Ear locations in Boise are patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with.


Zounds Hearing

Zounds has four models of hearing aids, with features including unmatched sound quality, rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation, remote control and industry-leading support. There is no charge for a hearing exam. Customers like the availability of financing plans and the advanced features on their hearing aids from Zounds.

Zounds Hearing


Beltone has seven different styles of hearing aids, all with superior sound quality, wireless connectivity and easily adjustable features. Schedule a free hearing screening and consultation with a hearing care professional. Beltone customers like being able to control their hearing aids using HearMax, an app available for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android phones.


ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound has been improving hearing loss since 1943, using expertise in audiology, connectivity, apps and design. Its portfolio of hearing aids has a solution for everyone, including those with profound hearing loss. Customers say ReSound’s hearing aids are discreet, comfortable and life-enhancing.

ReSound Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids come in a variety of models, styles and colors and help improve mild to profound hearing loss. Boise customers can get started with a no-obligation trial at a local hearing practice. Reviewers say Widex hearing aids look and sound good and have positively affected their ability to communicate with family and friends.

Widex Hearing Aids